After river Shebelle broke into its banks displacing more than 7,000 people in Af goye forcing them to create temporary make shift cottages in the outskirt of the town, created humanitarian crisis which has to be responded in order to Improve the living condition of vulnerable IDPs affected by floods

multi sectoral assessment conducted on Afgoye river flood response in and around the town of Afgoye in lower Shabelle region, south Somalia the findings from the assessment is that almost half population of Afgoye town displaced from houses and become homeless due to water from the river, more so among the displaced were vulnerable children, Elderly, Disable, the communities were at risk of outbreak of malaria, Cholera and other  waterborne diseases

the people were also at risk of hunger due to lack of food and lack of shelter. As the heavy rains caused flood from the river most  them lost their houses, possibility of Covid 19 outbreak due to lack of sanitation and hygiene

Because of the situation in the country where floods and lack of general sanitation has caused much of outbreaks JF also provided water tracking in response to lack of clean water in camps Survey data revealed that daily consumption rate of water in each camps is 45 liters per HH per day, same HH also consumed 50 liters per day depending on the rate of the family ,According to responses recorded from the household survey, households who reported inadequate supply of water attributed the reasons as shortage of water (50% of respondents), shortage of water carrying vessels (19% of respondents), and distance to water sources (2% of respondents) in consideration to all those JF conducted a water tracking of 31 days were each beneficiaries got 45 liters of treated water per days

In response to this crisis in 2020 we distributed shelter and non food items to the most affected people The items distributed included jerry cans of 20 litre capacity, Basket with lid, soap, Tarpaulin, Aquatabs tablets and treated Mosquito Net for 2,232 HHs

In addition to that in 2020 in order to maintain the sanitation and Hygiene of floods affected people in Afgoye district where the floods negatively impacted on all aspects of live and local communities could not cope with the havoc created by the floods circumstance Juba Foundation utilizing the resources and funds made available by our donors built emergency latrines to avoid open defecation which could cause a serious health and sanitation problems and outbreak of diseases

We also dug and rehabilitated shallow wells to reduce water scarcity