Juba Foundation

Projects & Programmes

Our Impact Areas

With the view of innovatively catalyzing change, Juba Foundation  aims to address the emergency needs of the communities, while supporting them by addressing their long-term aspirations of the local populations.



Juba Foundation started a programme to assist local community have their Arishs fully rehabilitated to stand for changing climate and give confidence to local communities


Somalia has seen decades of continuous violence and disasters, resulting in the loss of critical institutions and data.


Juba Foundation, in collaboration with both local and international partners, is working in a variety of sectors to assist in the development of Somalia’s social protection system.

Health Sector

Juba Foundation's major humanitarian activities include extensive health services provided to poor communities affected by climate change such as floods, famine and lack of support in IDPs camps, villages and host communities in some of the cities.

Education Sector

Juba Foundation has supplied schools and classroom equipment, teaching materials, and instructional support to schools who are unable to afford operational expenditures.