Juba Foundation (JF) is a local Non-profit and Non-political organization that was formed in July 2004. Initiated amid the needs to address the myriad of challenges (general collapse of institution structures and markets) facing the communities in Somalia since 1991, it was formed during a General Meeting of Somali professional in July 2004 in Jamame, Lower Juba Somalia.

With the view of innovatively catalyzing change, the organization aims was to address the emergency needs of the communities, while supporting them addressing their long-term aspirations of the local populations.

The organization started small with a project on human right investigation and documentation among minorities, IDPs, children and women. With head office in Jamame District, Lower Juba region, Somalia, Juba Foundation initially focused on South Central Somalia, but now has spread to other regions with priorities being emergency response and rehabilitation, Economic and Market Development, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), and Human Development (Health and Education).


We envision the attainment and realization of sustainable livelihood & development for urban and rural Somali society.


Juba Foundation strives to establish peace & development through promotion of peaceful conflict resolution mechanism and undertaking developmental program that aim to alleviate suffering and restoring human dignity and rights.


Demonstrate integrity, transparency, accountability and respect for community, donors and others in all our dealings

Integrating relief and development into a livelihood manner   Self-reliance of local institutions

Equality (gender, age, etc.)   Advocacy/Networking

Build relationships with all stakeholders through participation, cooperation, collaboration, teamwork and open, regular communication



Juba Foundation is a registered charity in Kenya, Somalia and registration is ongoing in Sweden.

COUNTRIES OF OPERATION: Juba Foundation operates in Somalia and Kenya. In Somalia, the organization

operates in Middle & Lower Juba (e.g. Kismayo, Jamame, Dhobley and Afmadow) and, Gedo, Lower Shabelle, Bay Region and Banadir. These regions are known to be the main source of agricultural production, livestock and are the ones most affected by man made as well as natural disasters in Somalia.


To advocate for peace promotions and respect of the human rights in Somalia

To respond and advocate target groups when natural and human made disasters happened

To provide emergency relief to the needy people.

To support vulnerable group such as children, elderly, disabled, and orphans, widows through providing education, health programs and water.

To promote and empower the community’s self-reliance to attain a sustainable livelihood.

To build links of cooperation and shared aims with national and international institutions with similar objective to Juba Foundation.


  1. Emergency Response and Rehabilitation
  2. Human Right Monitoring, Investigation and Documentation
  3. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  4. Education and Health
  5. Economic Recovery & Market Systems



The provision of humanitarian assistance to marginalized groups including women groups and non- armed segments.

The provision of emergency relief in times of drought, flood, tsunami and conflict

Literacy and skill training for women and youth

The establishment and provision of quality primary, secondary and vocational schools – with focus on girl child education whose educational status is lagging behind boys.

The digging and rehabilitation of wells

To support small scale farmers with appropriate technology and seeds

The establishment and continuing provision of primary health services through establishment of health centers

Contribution to the reduction of HIV/AIDS & eradication of FGM practices



  • Muslim Aid UK & Muslim Aid Sweden
  • Mercy Corps
  • Agro sphere
  • French Food Aid Program – Embassy of France in   Kenya Act Now Children’s Fund
  • NRC
  • American Friends
  • Save the  Children
  • Action Against Hunger
  • Mercy Corps

Member of NGO consortium