Juba Foundation

Promoting living standards
of communities in Somalia

We have a clear focus and strategies both in terms of geographical area and constituents to serve to and as well sectors of specialty and intervention.


About us

Juba Foundation (JF) is a local NGO, Non-profit and Non-political, which was formed in July 2004 by group of Somali intellectuals in response to the increased insecurity, suffering, famine and deaths in Somalia. Juba foundation is committed to support well being of Somali community through providing education, humanitarian and development programs. JF works with local communities, institutions and the needy persons in Somalia. During its existence, the organization has successfully conducted several activities such as Human Rights Monitoring, intervention programs such as food distribution and construction of shelter and schools to promote access to basic education


Success Stories/Projects


Juba Foundation has constructed 6 schools in Bori, Honqore and Gobanimo  villages of Jamame


 Food distribution to improve household food security in Jilib Villages of Somalia affected by floods


JF investigated and documented human rights abuses against minorities, IDPs, and other vulnerable groups.

Geographical Coverage

Juba Foundation operates in Lower & Middle Juba and, Lower Shabelle, Bay Region and Banadir. These regions are known to be the main source of agricultural production, livestock and are the ones most affected by man made as well as natural disasters in Somalia.


Join Our Community

Join us in establishing peace & development through promotion of peaceful conflict resolution mechanism and undertaking developmental programmes that aim to alleviate suffering and restoring human dignity and rights in Somalia. 

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